Video Production, Consumer Insight & Research

Client CBRE When September 2015

We created insight sessions in London, Paris and Milan with luxury sector influencers to discuss the future of shopping and experience. Sessions 1 and 2 were led by Reemé Idris 'What people say versus what people do' and Kim Ing 'should every brand change lives?' (London).

With the support of CBRE, we invited more session leaders to guide discussions across various emotive topics: Jean-Robert Saintil on 'delight and wonder' (London) Dr Benjamin Wild on 'heritage and location' (London) fanny auger on 'desire and perception' (Paris) Benedetta Moreno on 'authenticity and extension' (Milan).

We delivered analysis comparing the findings from participants in each city and a recap film. We also created a Tumblr site, customising a theme allowing us to present insights with use of embedded HTML5 video, PDF session reports as well as speaker biographies.

Full report available on request.

Inclusive of research concept, influencer relations, session planning, location scouting, sourcing team: editor, session leaders, filmmaker, translator.

Concept, Design and Production Reemé Idris Web Design and Development Zapher Idris Editor Debbi Evans Filmmaker Lamb & Sea Research and Production Assistant Louise Olofsson

Reemé Idris & Zapher Idris